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Whatsapp Co-Founder Jan Koum success story

Whatsapp being probably the largest messaging platform in the world become started out with a dream in thoughts. A attitude that its founders, namely, jan koum and brian acton had. Jan koum is a sincerely inspirational success story. From meals stamps in teen lifestyles to doing a menial activity like cleansing a grocery shop and getting rejected by way of fb in 2009 to founding maximum used cellular messaging platform with more than 800 million users energetic monthly. Allow us to dive into whatsapp success story.

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Jan koum, co-founding father of whatsapp has visible many up’s and downs in his lifestyles. I genuinely praise such form of personalities. Fb recently offered whatsapp for an remarkable price of $19 billion. It’s miles the result of koum and acton’s surprisingly difficult work and determination and by no means die spirit. Koum has 45% stake in the employer with acton’s stake being at 20% valuing them immediately at a whopping $eight.3 billion and $four.Nine billion respectively.


He become born in a small village kiev in ukraine. Jan koum led a existence complete of hardships and deprivation( the shortage or denial of some thing taken into consideration to be a need.) both, in relationships and financially.

In step with forbes, his residence didn’t actually have energy supply. But he and his mother quickly escaped from that worrying place while he became 16. They each migrated to mountain view, california. With some government assist, they both controlled to get a 2 bed room condo.

Tragic Turn In Life

All of a sudden he collapsed as his mom become identified with cancer. He needed to do menial( exceptionally small jobs which don’t have any respect ) jobs like cleansing a grocery save and jogging errands for the close by shop. He was forced to do all this however became especially high on self respect.

But all of this changed after that remarkable $19 billion deal with facebook.

Getting Rejected By Facebook

Jan koum and brian acton carried out for a job at facebook however unfortunately each of them had been rejected in 2009. After this he said:

“fb turned me down. It changed into a tremendous opportunity to hook up with a few wonderful humans. Looking forward to lifestyles’s subsequent journey.”

He gave a strong respond to mark zuckerberg after that amazing acquisition( obtaining of an asset or an item ).

Koum doesn’t like several kind of exposure and he even refused to place up a signboard outdoor their whatsapp office. He absolutely dislikes any kind of advertisements or marketing promotions. Whatsapp is probably the largest organization which is worth $a hundred billion as soon as it monetizes like different corporations. All of this without any tv business or advertising in any type.

He believes that if the product is right, human beings will adore it and proportion it with others too. He says

“attention on simplicity, concentrate in your clients and iterate in case you fail.”

I discovered this photo at the net. It was positioned on koum’s table even after the $19 billion deal with fb.

“whatsapp is on a course to connect 1 billion humans. The offerings that attain that milestone are all fantastically valuable.”

– mark zuckerberg ( current ceo and founder of fb )

Meeting His Partner – Brian Acton

Koum met brian acton which brought about his vast career ahead. Later, koum got a task at yahoo as an infrastructure engineer. After this he dropped out of college.

He did no longer live at the job for a long and in conjunction with acton he commenced travelling round. They each stored money excessively. As these savings began getting big, they each got here with some start-up thoughts.

In 2009, koum bought an iphone and discovered that mobile applications will be the next huge factor. He idea of making an mistakes loose and strong mobile software. After getting to know, he decided to make a messaging application freed from any insects and commercials. He centered mobile users as his user base.

Covering All Platforms

These days after the ones days whatsapp is gift at almost all of the cell structures such as those nokia symbian telephones.

All of this was insanely tough for koum. He stated the code took months of returned breaking and testing the code to get in area and functioning fully. Koum even concept of giving up the concept and the utility however acton satisfied him to attempt a few more time.

After this, they tried this software on their buddy’s phones and that they have been surprised at the effects they received. They possibly didn’t knew that what they were making might work seamlessly!

Whatsapp Sucess Story – Why It Doesn’t Sell Advertisements

Brian and acton said that they’d worked tough for several years to sell commercials. Due to the fact this turned into what turned into performed at yahoo. They worked at an environment that advocated them to promote ads. Even nowadays, you visit yahoo’s homepage it is full of commercials. They stated due to the fact that yahoo declined because of this and google were given bigger exceptionally.

“we desired to spend our time constructing a carrier humans wanted to use as it worked and stored them money and made their lives higher in a small way.”

Conclusion Derived

Word that every one of the hardships jan confronted, they made him even stronger and resilient. He became rejected, turned into low on resources however whatever the situations were he became centered and determined that sure, i must do something excellent. It’s miles this choice that made him cross miles on his way. Now as we all understand, whatsapp is used daily with the aid of tens of millions of humans but at that time he didn’t knew that his product may be a success or a leave out. What he did for positive become to paintings upon himself and that’s what drives his passion now as well.

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