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Kim Jong Un’s Sister To Become First Dynasty Member To Enter South Korea

pyeongchang, south korea:

north korean leader kim jong un is sending his younger sister and near adviser to the winter olympics in south korea as part of a excessive-degree delegation, the south’s unification ministry said wednesday.

kim yo jong’s name become blanketed in a list of officers submitted to the ministry earlier than the delegation crosses the demilitarized sector on friday.

if the go to takes location, she might come to be the primary member of north korea’s ruling family to visit south korea and it’d be visible here as a signal that the kim regime is critical approximately improving ties with the progressive government in seoul.

north korean government had already stated they might ship kim yong nam, who’s technically north korea’s head of nation, as a part of a 22-member high-stage delegation that will attend the outlet rite of the games.

hypothesis had already been rife in south korea that kim jong un would possibly ship his younger sister, and that was simplest fueled when kim yo jong, wearing a large smile, was proven on north korean television waving farewell to the cheering squad that departed pyongyang station for south korea tuesday.

moon jae-in’s authorities has been keen to improve ties with the north and additionally to expose the trump management, amid increasing speak about army motion, that diplomacy can paintings with pyongyang.

Kim Jong

“the reason of this excessive level delegation go to from the north is to have a good time the outlet of the pyeongchang winter olympics so the group is composed of the officers from workers’ celebration, government and sports activities industry,” the unification ministry, that is in price of the south’s relations with the north, stated wednesday.

“kim yo jong seems to have been included so the north korean delegation could be on the same degree as other international locations and their circle of relatives members who’re collaborating the celebration,” it stated.

vice chairman mike pence might be attending the opening ceremony of the olympics on friday, and ivanka trump, the president’s daughter, is pronounced to be making plans to wait the remaining rite.

pence has refused to rule out the possibility of meeting with north korean representatives at some stage in his ride. “we’ll see what happens,” he said en route to asia.

also on the listing sent to the south on wednesday have been choe hwi, the chairman of the countrywide sports guidance committee, and ri son kwon, the pinnacle of the employer in price of inter-korean affairs.

each kim yo jong and choe hwi have been directly sanctioned with the aid of america authorities, accused of human rights violations due to the fact they’re both worried in censorship sports.

that could make it tough for pence to satisfy with either.

the delegation will visit the south for three days beginning friday, the yonhap news organisation stated.

kim yo jong, who’s about 30, is one of the north korean leader’s closest aides and is regularly seen at her brother’s aspect. she is his full blooded sister.

they’ve an older brother, kim jong chul, who isn’t always notion to play a enormous position in the regime but is occasionally spotted at eric clapton concert events abroad.

the 3 have been born to north korea’s 2d chief, kim jong il, and his third wife, ko yong hui, an ethnic korean dancer who became born in japan. all three spent several years attending faculties in bern, switzerland.

the kim own family asserts its legitimacy to lead north korea via a form of divine right they say was ordained upon them from mount paekdu, a volcano on the border with china that has legendary repute in korean subculture.

kim jong un, who’s 34, has performed up this “paekdu bloodline” as he has sought to cement his claim to be his father’s rightful successor.

kim yo jong shares this blood but, as a girl, she could in no way be leader of this strict confucian society. she has, but, been increased up via the regime to play an important supporting function to her brother.

she became promoted to deputy director of the employees’ birthday celebration propaganda and agitation branch in 2014, which brought about the treasury department to sanction her through call in january for her position in censoring data in north korea.

she seems to have a important position in ensuring things run smoothly with regards to her brother’s image.

she turned into visible running throughout a big parade in pyongyang in april, speeding out from behind pillars to bring paperwork to her brother. she additionally regarded on level with him in the course of the hole of a landmark construction venture within the capital, ryomyong street, wherein she was wearing a purposeful black in shape and appeared to be coordinating photographers and other logistics.

then, in october, kim promoted her to the powerful political bureau of the ruling employees’ birthday celebration, making her the only female there.

as with many different figures in north korea’s opaque management, little else is understood about kim yo jong, who may be visible carrying a band on her wedding ring finger.

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