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And they danced to the beat of their dreams

Accomplishing any feat with lots of passion, dedication and hard work in spite of hurdles makes one feel on top of the world. A handful of homemakers from Chennai feel so ever since they got into the Guinness book of records for being part of the largest thiruvathira in the …

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Let Us Create Freedom Again!! Shall We Indians?

– By Tanusri Chakraborty We are an Independent Nation today. We gained our liberty from the torturous British Raj on 15th August 1947. So many revolutionaries, activists and lesser known heroes sacrificed their lives and comfort so that we could live free. The strategies of the Independence movement led to …

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These #3 Start-ups Help Quit Smoking For Good

Quitting smoking is a intellectual and bodily procedure for which one desires to make specific changes in their lifestyle. smoking is an issue that could reason long time outcomes on your health. the nicotine drug within the cigarette is distinctly addictive which makes it hard for any smoker to stop …

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Watch Out! These 4 HR Tool Mistakes Will Cost You

While you’re a small business, selecting hr gear is a extra disturbing and hard mission than it’s miles for a large corporation, that could draw upon committed, greater steeply-priced, sources. This is the exact purpose why isaac oates, ceo and founding father of justworks, began his platform, which automates payroll, …

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Making a case for a data privacy and protection law in India

Given the growing net penetration and growing emphasis on virtual india, it’s far imperative to guard the sanctity of facts generated through netizens. A legislative framework to address the growing issues round statistics protection and privateness is the need of the hour. The best court docket of india on july …

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We need to redefine universities as cradles of innovation

Indian universities do now not provide adequate research infrastructure or provide the atmosphere had to make floor-breaking discoveries. The age of stand-by myself institutions wishes to present way to the technology of ecosystems.The yankee writer and poet, mark van doren as soon as famously said, “the artwork of coaching is …

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