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Back Ground

A website launched to motivate Youth from around the world!! Sound’s Great Isn’t It? Bet You, It Feels Great Too! India Got News, a website launched recently, plans to exactly do the same with consistency! The URL for this website is indiagotnews.com.

Founding Stones

Founded on 3rd June 2017, by Mr. Anup Giri.

Founder: Anup Giri

The site envisions a bright and positive world for the youngsters by showcasing inspiring stories from across the world. Charging up the youth to do good, Isn’t that what the world demands more now. When every page on the newspaper we flip, shows us stories on Crimes, Extremities against Women, War, Terrorism and Natural Calamities, this site is such a relief.

The Founder Speaks — “The Motive is to encourage and motivate the youth globally! We would also like to give a platform to Budding Bloggers who have a flair for writing on Start-Ups, Inspiring Personalities and capturing Good Information, to be a part of our group as writers”.

News from across the globe covering articles on the following topics can be found on this Website.

  1. Start-Ups – Giving wings to their vision by covering their stories, so that more and more people come to learn about them.
  2. Motivational Personalities – Promise to cover news on every person on this earth who has Inspired millions.
  3. Informative – Gadget Launches to Economical Ups and Downs and their after effects, the site will show all here.

Social Responsibilities – NGO’s, Socially Responsible Non Profit Organizations & Un-Sung Heroes, if you have the selfless drive to serve, you can find mention to your work here.

It is also a platform for aspiring and new writers to showcase their talent on the website. If you can pen down your thoughts on any of the above topics, your article surely will find its way in to the webpage.


The website is very simple and user friendly to visit. Once you have written the URL and press enter, the home page welcomes you with glimpses of all its popular articles. You can click on any one of them to read from. The various tabs on the webpage are given below for easy reference.

Trending (All Trending articles and information feature under this section), Recent News (Any recent piece of news/article gets its due attention here), Motivational Story (Any piece of story that inspires finds its way here), Startup Story (New Ventures get mentioned here), Video (Still under work), About & Contact Us.

Are you an avid reader or a skillful writer? Do you love to read motivational content or love to inspire people with your words? If your answer is yes, then this website is certainly made for you and will definitely keep you engrossed! Here’s raising a toast for India Got News!!

By: Tanusri Chakraborty

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