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3 Reasons Why Your Blog Sucks

A hit blogging isn’t rocket science.

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When you work with masses of different manufacturers like i’ve finished over the years, you be aware a common subject matter among all of the different commercial enterprise proprietors, marketers and marketers. One of the most obvious troubles i see on a daily foundation is that each businessman or lady who i communicate to emphasizes the importance in their organisation blog. Yet maximum of the time, their blog sucks! It doesn’t generate any revenue or traffic for his or her business, and there may be no sport plan or company in the back of the blog.

I make an apology in advance for my bluntness right here. I simply sense corporations can excel with their weblog if they post content material continually, recognition on distribution and discover different web sites to write content material for, which most do now not. Back in the good old days, before blogging was at our disposal, in case you desired a write-up for your organization, you’d should touch the nearby paper and pray it would run a characteristic piece in your commercial enterprise. Your enterprise can now weblog and percentage all the wonderful tales taking place at your business. So why aren’t you?

There are some manufacturers that touch my business enterprise that have hit a domestic run with their blog approach. This isn’t the case for the sizable majority of inquires we receive, however, that’s why i’m bringing this problem to mild.

Right here are three motives why your blog sucks:

Lack of frequency

The issue:
This one speaks for itself — you without a doubt aren’t posting sufficient content.

How to restore it:

Decide whether a each day, weekly or monthly agenda is excellent in your enterprise. Frequency is just a small piece of the pie. You want to make sure the content is notable. If you are posting daily and the content material is lackluster, you’re higher off posting much less regularly and focusing on improving the content material. In case you are a blogger or are dealing with a weblog, think about yourself like a newspaper journalist. Are you able to churn out sufficient content for a day by day newspaper article? If now not, you’re possibly higher perfect for a weekly column within the sunday paper. Discover your candy spot in terms of frequency after which move onto object range , distribution!

Loss of distribution

The difficulty:
That is one of the most neglected additives of running a blog. I’ve labored with plenty of brands who’ve written excellent content material however when I’d take a look at google analytics, i’d see that there have been only 50 traffic to their awesome weblog submit. In case you are going to spend the time to put in writing a first-rate piece of content, please do me a favor and ensure human beings definitely examine the weblog.

A way to repair it:
Fb is the nice platform, for my part, for promoting your blog. You could run a “link click” marketing marketing campaign on fb so you are handiest charged while a person clicks in your article. This makes a massive distinction, as you aren’t going to get charged if someone “likes” your publish or perspectives your publish, you’ll most effective be charged if someone certainly clicks through in your blog.

Real life example:
We just created a blog post, “Tips to Throw the Best Ugly Christmas Sweater Party,” for an ecommerce company that makes ugly Christmas sweaters. We already created an advertising campaign targeting this piece of creative to 21- to 34-year-olds who have an interest in “partying” and certain alcohol brands and musicians. Based off of prior metrics, we expect this blog post to get over 1,000 visits and it will only cost $50, or $.05 per website visit. The beauty of this strategy is that if you have retargeting set up on your website and properly set up your Facebook advertising, people who visit your blog page will be exposed to your retargeting ads, which can turn an informative piece of content into a powerful campaign to generate sales.

If you are creating at least one blog post per week, you should be driving a minimum of 250 visitors to your site per blog post to make the time investment in creating the piece worthwhile.

Lack of strategy
If you are unfamiliar with domain authority, it is a score (on a 100-point scale) developed by Moz that predicts how well a website will rank on search engines. To make a long story short, to increase domain authority, you need quality backlinks pointing back to your site from external websites.

The issue:
Too often, I see businesses only focusing on internal blog content, which means they are only posting blogs to their own website. If you boost Facebook posts to drive more website traffic to your blog but aren’t seeing sales from this, it is time to shift your strategy.

How to restoration it:
I’m not recommending giving up on internal blogs, but you need to also consciousness on outside blogs. Once I say outside blogs, i suggest blog posts contributed to other industry associated web sites or local web sites that are relevant for your commercial enterprise.

When you write outside content, this can help bolster your domain authority. The extra credible back links there are that factor in your website, the extra it will assist increase your internet site’s credibility in the eyes of google. While you write for other sites, the webmaster will frequently permit you to consist of a link lower back for your website online in the bio so others can research extra about you and your business. Over time, these back-links will bolster your domain authority, which in turn will assist with your search engine optimization. Once your area authority is boosted, extra humans might be capable of locate your blogs when looking on google when you consider that your web page is regarded as authoritative. If you simply construct a website and release it, it’s far very unlikely that someone will without delay locate your weblog content material given that there are already different websites that are greater mounted and credible compared to yours.

Actual existence example:
For our agency, the media captain, our awareness has been heavy on external weblog content material. I might in reality grade our internal weblog as mediocre at nice. The purpose why i’ve put greater emphasis at the outside content material is to generate greater referral traffic and bolster our domain authority, which we’ve got achieved. We’re within the manner of rolling out a approach now to create a weekly piece of digital marketing content material for our own blog. Since that is very time eating, we desired to ensure before tackling this undertaking that our area authority was at a stage in which humans would be capable of locate our blog via google’s search outcomes.

A success blogging isn’t rocket technology. I’m assured that after reading this newsletter, you may have that “a-ha” moment where you pinpoint the problem together with your weblog and parent out the pleasant strategy to generate extra site visitors, leads and ultimately sales.

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